Hooked on Sonics
Posted on April 14th, 2008
The day began too early for me. Despite getting about 8 hours of sleep, I felt like I hadn't rested at all. Nonetheless mom and I headed out and did our shopping. We were buying lunch at the store too, so dad asked for something nice and spicy. I knew just the thing: Firehouse Chili. It's quite good, but the sodium content is too high to allow it on my diet. I had a Lean Cuisine variety that I've never tried before. It was like a thick soft taco loaded with cheese, peppers and chicken. It was good, but not the best offering I've had from Lean Cuisine.

Recently the elevators have been smelling quite fowl. We figured it was Mrs. Emotional Support Exemption's dogs peeing in the elevator. Unfortunately while chatting with one of the maintenance guys about it we learned it's two guys that come home at 2:00 AM totally sloshed that sometimes pee in the elevator. Frankly, I'd think that would be grounds for eviction, but the management seems to have a different idea.

Gee, and here I thought that non-housebroken hillbillies lived in the COUNTRY.

I spent most of the evening watch Sonic SatAM and coding. I'm making progress with Necros Cavern's recode, and I may have found a trick that'll make Project Sailor a bit easier to deal with.

Tomorrow is my B-day dinner at Olive Garden. Naturally, the diet is temporarily off for this, but I'm going to be a little cautious: I'll get water instead of pop. As far as I can tell, that halves the amount of sodium in the meal and negates all of the possible caffeine. I already know what my order is (their menu is online you know) so that's not a problem.

Lastly, this guy was a host at Olive Garden for a time. He drew up some comics about it, but quit the strip when he quit the restaurant. His comics can be found here.

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