Blustery Day
Posted on April 11th, 2008
Today I managed to update both this blog and Fur and Faith. The latter wasn't much more than a new link for Bible study. The blog received some cosmetic changes: userpics are now to the left of entries instead of being on the right, the dates are now displayed using the format "Month 34th, 2008 at 12:00:00", and on the administration side of things the list of userpics is now is alphabetical order instead of the seemly random order it previously used.

A lot of my time was spent trying to get a new project off the ground. This project has been on the far back burner for some time, though it was so unlikely that I never bothered mentioning it. Today some fooling around with the compiler resulted in several key things falling to place, thus making it feasible. The project's moniker is Project Sailor.

The main trouble with it now is just a matter of learning. It turned out to be bloody impossible to get a binary of a library that provides the feature set Project Sailor requires. Annoyingly, even the downloads labeled as binary copies didn't contain a copy.

So I located a tutorial for coding those features myself. The tutorial is surprisingly short, but for C. Hopefully it'll work (or I'll just locate another tutorial and try that).

I'm also ready to recode Necros Cavern and add the additional modes I want it to have.

During the evening I managed to do something that was quite a first for me: I managed to get the GOOD ending in a Sonic game (Sonic Rush Adventure)! I've never been able to get my mitts on all 7 Chaos Emeralds, so this is the very first time I've gone Super Sonic (and Burning Blaze). Blaze's super transformation looks great; also note that she's the ONLY CANNON FEMALE to be able to go Super. Cool eh?

During the late evening a nasty bout of thunderstorms started rolling in. Along with them came tornadoes. While strong winds wouldn't tip over the bird feeder, a tornado certainly would send it flying. So I got out there on the balcony and laid it down, spilling most of the seed in the process. Later after everything calmed down I went back out and returned it to it's proper upright position and then mom had me lay it back down again shortly thereafter. All of the seed had fallen out of it, and the inside of the feeder is dripping wet now.

On an odd but related note a Barn Swallow stopped by the feeder in the early afternoon. According to our bird book, they live here only in the Summer, so it's kinda odd to see one at all at this time of year. They don't eat seed however, so I dunno why it stopped by.

Since I didn't find any interesting links today, here's a goofy clip from the Saturday Morning Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon. It's the infamous scene where Antoine is tortured.

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