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Posted on April 10th, 2008
This morning mom was rather busy. More like stir crazy. In the span of two hours she'd plastered spots in various rooms, vacuumed, yanked random nails out of the wall, talked about some remodeling ideas for dad's room and my room, researched stuff about cat food for senior cats and fixed lunch. The remodeling was minor and in my opinion, throughly pointless and just something to occupy her time. She was acting like she was looking for something - anything - to do.

Shortly after lunch mom called to see if maintenance was going to fix the toilet today. This was a carefully worded reminder that the problem had been called in last week and was still not fixed. Since nothing was going to happen, mom and I ran some quick errands.

We picked up some Lean Cuisines and Select Ones as well as prescriptions, new cat food and some Weight Watchers chocolate cakes (Zinger imitations). Those cakes are chocolaty, but very dry. I don't think I'll get them again. The cats seem to throw up the vet food every time they eat it, so we're trying a type of food for senior cats to see if they keep it down. They do like the new food, so there's hope.

During the morning I launched Project Noise, better known as Din. It's a brand new programming language. Notably there's little type safety and only a short list of syntax rules, so it should be somewhat easy to learn. The current drawback is that it's only an early Alpha release and is incomplete. Effectively it's only a limited demo at the moment, but there's plenty of stuff to play with. Most of the core instructions are present.

While setting up Din I ran into trouble with the browser. Drop down boxes either wouldn't drop down or they'd remain set at the default instead of the option I chose. Once I finished with that I cleaned the furball out of the mouse's optical eye and defragmented the computer. The defrag took about 3 hours; the file system was extremely fragmented -- even Windows said it needed it. That seems to have cleared up the problems I was having and made the computer's response time faster.

The remainder of my day was coding and testing the new generation of the image resizing scripts. It seems to be complete already! How's that for nose to the grindstone coding!

In other news, I still haven't been able to get Bathtime in Clerkenwell out of my head.

Two links for today:
Waldo shows up in weird places
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It looks like the next year of my life will come bearing some nasty storms. It still pays to remember that Ron White explained storms better than any meteorologist when he said "It's not that the wind is blowin'; It's what the wind is blowin'. If you get hit with a Volvo it doesn't matter how many push ups you did that morning."

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