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Posted on April 4th, 2008
It's a small world after all. It seems a bit strange to find my stuff once again hosted here. It's been almost 5 years since I left them for a host I located via ebay (of all places). My reason for leaving was not poor quality of service, downtime or any of the usual complaints. I simply couldn't stand their control panel, PLESK. I continually got logged out in the middle of doing stuff, and if that wasn't annoying enough I had to wait 15 minutes for the session to expire before I could log in again. That's a 15-minute involuntary break every single time I got logged out. It typically logged me out after I'd been logged in for about five minutes.

So I left for the hosting company I found on ebay. It used cPanel. I had no troubles there for years and then last December they vanished without a trace, leaving me and my site in the lurch.

I switched to Dreamhost, and things were fine until March. When the server I was on quit working, I waited for it to be fixed. Instead things got worse and another server coughed up a hairball on them. I'm not fond of the idea of paying $10 / month for a service that doesn't work.

Hence I wound up back here. They're now using VDECK for their control panel and I now have a grasp of FTP access, thus that hideous control panel is long gone.

But that's enough kvetching for today.

My day was largely taken up by the move between hosts. Since the PHP version is different, I needed to rewrite various parts of the blog's code. Overall I think I've fixed just about everything that broke, but there's always something that falls through the cracks.

My latest order has arrived. It contains three things: Sonic Rush Adventure, Nanostray 2 and the first season DVD set of the Super Mario Brothers Super Show. Sonic Rush Adventure is the sequel to Sonic Rush. I've been playing the latter like an addict since I bought it in March, so I'm looking forward to the next adventure of Sonic and Tails. Blaze is once again a playable character, though she needs to be unlocked. The opening shot is fairly cute: Sonic is piloting the waterski, Blaze is relaxing on the back of the waterski, and Tails and Marine are riding dolphins.

The Super Mario Bros. Super Show is a late 1980s classic. It contained live action skits and a short cartoon about the Mario Bros. However, many things about the animations is incorrect for various reasons. The most common reason was the games were brand new and things weren't quite finished. For example Peach was known as Toadstool and had red hair. This matches the game's sprites, but not the official art: the NES had some quirk about drawing sprites that prevented her graphics from having an extra palette entry for her hair color. Other goofs appeared in the show, such as Mario getting fire power from a starman (wrong power). The show also mixed the first two games: most of the enemies and context came from Super Mario Bros 2, but Super Mario Bros 1 enemies and power up are also present. All in all it's a fun romp through Mario Bros history.

Tomorrow I'm going to see about getting Project Noise ready for release.

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