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Posted on April 4th, 2008
I've moved the domain to a new host. The situation with the server was supposed to be improving and/or cleared up by today, but in fact the quality of the service degraded.

So after I asked for some advice on the situation I took that advice: I left Dreamhost for another host. This new host is actually the 2nd host I've ever rented bandwidth from.

Below the cut are the entires from the past few days.

March 30th Sunday

Today mom and I did the biweekly shopping. This round only took two trips to get in the apartment, plus it cost a lot less than the previous trips. We also stopped by the pharmacy.

At the store I managed to give mom a surprise when I identified the music they were playing. That song was The Great Pretender.

I spent the rest of the day working with Project Noise. It now exists as a runnable executable with a secondary library. I ended up moving a bunch of utility code to a dynamic library because of how the code needs to interact with other, third-party binaries that will probably not be compiled with the aid of the rest of the code.

There's a lot left to do though, so this is about the mid point.

Two other things I was going to link to today were this series of photos of a very lucky guy and this simple guide to scientific research. The former link was brought up by a thread about a guy that back up his Ferrari into a ditch. The latter was brought up because there's a new thread like the atheist thread from yesterday (they had a video clip yesterday, today someone found the entire video).

March 31st Monday

Since Project Noise is quickly coming to a head it's only natural that I spent the day working on it. Much of the focus was a few functions that turned out to be rather difficult to get working. Most of the features seem to work, so tomorrow's big task is going to be focused on integrating the unsupported features remaining and checking the function of the unchecked but supported features.

Mom's friend stopped over today for a chat. As they are on Weight Watchers we learned a bit about the program and how it tracks calories. If I was on it, I'd be allowed 36 points per day. We also gave her the Turbo Track we'd been meaning to give her. Or more accurately give her cat.

At the bird feeder we're seeing a total of three pairs of birds: two pairs of finches are regularly showing up as is the pair of sparrows that found the seed originally. Interestingly, the sparrows are frequently coming alone rather than together.

April 1st Tuesday

A lot of the day was spent working out issues with Project Noise. Many issues were resolved without too much fuss.

I also watched a few episodes of Sonic SatAM that have made their way to YouTube. The show reminds me of both Scooby Doo and Tiny Toon Adventures -- a bit of a far cry from the SEGA advertising I remember seeing in the early 90s.

April 1st is typically an annoying day to surf the net. Many sites pull pranks that make it impossible to use them. For example, XKCD redirected everyone to Questionable Content -- a completely different comic. Userfriendly suffered a nasty 9+ hour bout of downtime. Unfortunately, that wasn't the April fools day joke: that was just a random outage.

One bit of good news is that the host is getting things under control, so things may improve soon.

April 2nd Wednesday

Unsurprisingly the day was spent working with Project Noise. Progress slowed down as I ran into a few obstacles and spent time working out ways around them.

This morning I got up a little before lunch, and so instead of the usual breakfast of a bowl of mini wheats I woke to a plate of pancakes, eggs and fried potatoes.

The hot water seems to be having trouble staying hot lately. No idea as to the cause.

The host claims stuff is improving, but will likely take till Friday to clear up completely.

April 3rd Thursday

I spent the day working with a variety of ideas and further patched Project Noise. Some parts of Project Noise are still not implemented.

During the day I posted a question asking what people thought of Dreamhost's downtime. The results were pretty uniform: it's beyond time to look elsewhere for hosting. I looked around a bit and discovered that the first paid host I used is still in business. All things considered, they have what I need, so I'm going to move back to them and leave Dreamhost's troubles behind.

At least this time I'm ready to move.

Initally I was just going to add the links of the day in with the text like I did in the first entry. However, I decided to post them all at once at the end of this catch-up post like I normally do with entries.

Lyrics to The Great Pretender
A guide on how to read scientific research papers
Muslims outnumber Christians
You can find out about anything on Wikipedia
Fansite of Sonic's Saturday morning cartoon
Another Sonic SatAM fansite
Strange patches from the military
Poligamy results in a double whammy
A page about a very strange military patch
Remember this commercial?
Thoughts on Jesus' middle initial
Warning signs for the future
International Earth Destruction Advisory Board homepage

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