Grooming day
Posted on March 28th, 2008
I didn't sleep well during the night for a number of reasons, so morning came too early. We got Pov to the vet with a minimum of fuss and then came home and waited for the call to pick him up.

My first action was to return to bed until a little after noon.

I spent the day working on Project Noise. I ended up rewriting a number of pieces, but overall there's more functionality there now then there was earlier.

When the call hadn't come, mom called the vet who said we could pick Pov up anytime. So we trucked back over there. The good news is that Pov didn't need his teeth done and thus didn't stay under for as long as he did the last time. The bad news is that the blood work the vet runs prior to using anesthesia reports that Pov has kidney disease. This is a common thing for old cats unfortunately. A prescription diet food can help, so we bought a case of pro-kidney gooshy food.

Pov was restless after returning home, though he hadn't shrugged off the anesthesia completely. His back legs didn't obey him very well. He was also a bottomless pit, eating everything he could. In the end he curled up on the couch with mom.

In other news the sparrows have been making regular trips to the balcony since they discovered the seed the other day. Today they were joined by a female cardinal. Word about the free tweet is getting out!

We also saw a skunk wander around behind and in the parking lot. No idea where it got off to or where it came from.

Three links welcome the weekend:
A man befriends his mugger with uplifting results.

A judge has ordered three Spanish-speaking men to learn English. I guess he's tired of having to press "1" for the native language.

Lastly here's a scientific study of how effectively tin foil headgear blocks radio signals. The result is humorously unexpected.

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