Programming deplomacy
Posted on March 27th, 2008
My eye is still red, so shortly after I got up mom and I trucked out to the pharmacy to pick up some OTC Pinkeye medication. And junk food.

My healthy and well rounded lunch was a Lean Cuisine (Spaghetti with meat sauce), pharmacy-brand Root beer and a single serving pack of crumb donuts.

I spent the day working to further the relations between C, C++ and Pascal. All in all, much worked and I've come up with a solution. I spent some of what was left of the day working with Project Noise.

Late in the evening I went on Amazon to check the price of an item and discovered there's a sale on. Since I already have my allowance and birthday funds I bought two video games and one of the DVD sets I've been planning on getting. Originally I had expected to only be able to get one of the games, so that's a bit of good luck.

That DVD set is the first 24 episodes from a goofy old TV show that was one of my favorites back in the early nineties. These days it's rather strange in a few ways. For example the characters in the show have a different color scheme these days (up to and including the red head that is now blond) and rap these days is usual found with lyrics about doing very impolite things to someone's female relatives rather than the opening theme of a kid's show. I'm kinda wondering if the infamous "Pasta Vampire" episode or the also infamous Ghostbuster episode is on there.

Tomorrow morning Pov goes to the vet for a teeth cleaning and comb out.

Today's five links are pretty funny.

First off, beavers were once cited for not having a permit to build a dam.

Next are two articles about an usual lawn decoration: Article 1 and Article 2.

During dinner the subject of whether the neighbors are playing Rock Band or Guitar Hero or DDR came up. Naturally this means a link to the one legged man playing DDR is needed.

Lastly, here's the intro for that TV show I mentioned above.

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