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Posted on March 25th, 2008
Today began a bit too early with some errands. Mom made this rather interesting by acting strange. Notably, she failed to see an oncoming truck until nearly too late to hit the brakes, and shortly there after was surprised to find she was in a turn only lane. She tripped on the shopping cart or steered it into a display more than once. It was like she wasn't fully aware of her surroundings. In her defense the truck wasn't exactly obeying the law; that maneuver was reckless to say the least. The fact that she had no idea it was even there (let alone starting to move) was a bit disturbing.

The fact that my legs starting aching very early on didn't help much.

We also picked up lunch at the store. I got a frozen dinner from a new brand (SmartOnes). I'd previously discovered that it was about the same cost on my diet as a Lean Cuisine, but a third of price money-wise.

We ended up learning a number of things today.

• The SmartOnes meals are just as tasty as the Lean Cuisines and just as low in sodium. Thus I have more options for quick meals.

• Mom ran across the father that lives in the apartment below us. Among other things, we learned that they can only hear us when we use water or cough in the night. Odds are that's because they can't hear over their kids, but it's good to know. The kids are 8 and 2 -- younger than previously thought.

• The water squeals and moans for us when they use water, and the water squeals and moans for them when we use water. Touche.

• Someone is buying our albatross house! They want to move in April 5th, so the paperwork is being hurried.

• I did a number of beachmarking tests to see how well the three types of strings in Pascal compare. The results were interesting. Comparing PChars is four times as fast as comparing Strings, which is twice as fast as comparing AnsiStrings. Assigning to PChars and Strings takes the same amount of time, but assigning to AnsiStrings takes almost twice as long. In the end, it's a battle over nanoseconds, and not worth the hassle of using PChars for everything. I rarely use them since they're a pain in the assembler to work with.

• I've increased the weight in my exercise routine to 5 pounds. I have also cut back to 5 reps of each exercise to compensate for the increase. I'll be back to 10 reps of each exercise in a day or two.

The above sums up my day. The two links I came across today were rather interesting:

You can watch South Park online for free! Any episode, from any season can be shown in your browser.

Lastly, I discovered an amusing webcomic earlier. It's mostly video games or geek-related stuff, but it's definitely worth a look.

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