Shrinks and Shiney things
Posted on March 17th, 2008
Today featured some lengthy errands. First off was the visit with my psychiatrist. To our surprise he already had the blood work from the other day. Another surprise was that everything was normal except one thing. That one thing was an abnormal reading that has to do with my liver function. It's "odd", not "scary"; it's just off by a bit. He wants me to wait a bit and then get it retested. Odds are it's due to the drugs I was on for the recent coughing fever.

We continued on to Target where we picked up a number of things. Notably we bought a new cat toy and dinner.

From there we stopped at a place that sells supplies for feeding and watching birdies. My parents has decided to feed the birds on the balcony, so we got a nice feeding station and some hulled seed.

Next to the bird place is a music store. Mom wanted to look through their selection of piano music for some new tunes to play. It turned out that the "selection" was rather dinky. We left without buying anything.

As we left mom spotted a sporting goods store just a little further down. So we took a look. It's quite a nice place with all manner of exercise equipment. In particular they had the machine I wanted: a tabletop arm ergometer. I'm already working out with weights, but I've been wanting to add some cardio as it's blood pressure that's the problem. Due to my bad leg I can't do most lower body exercises, including bikes and treadmills. Just about all cardio is bike or treadmill based, and that kinda leaves me hanging. That's where this arm ergometer comes in. It's like a bike, but you peddle with your arms -- an upper body cardio workout.

Amusingly, it was about half of the cost of the bird feeding station.

From there we made a quick stop at one of the local grocers for cooking oil and some sour cream. The cooking oil is for home-cooked hamburgers and fries tomorrow. The sour cream was for mom's dinner.

Shortly after we got home and I'd assembled the ergometer (yes, it needed assembled with a hex key like it was from Ikea) we had dinner. I had lasagna and cheese-stuffed ravioli. Mom had potato skins with cheddar cheese, bacon and sour cream.

The cats naturally played with the box the ergometer came in and totally ignored the new cat toy.

Shortly after eating, mom ended up getting very sick and threw up her dinner. I hear the various ingredients came up in waves. Needless to say she spent the rest of the day miserable.

I spent the evening looking at stuff online and planning some things out with Project noise. At one point I was debating about recoding it completely, but I ended up with the saner choice of changing only what needs to be changed.

That's about it for news from this end of the internet.

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