Epic day
Posted on March 15th, 2008
While a lot of the day was spent working with Project Noise, I spent a fair amount of time online.

On Thursday I noticed that a site I've been visiting off and on was actually a sub-section of a much larger and broader website. Yesterday I was going to go exploring on this site, but someone began a DDoS attack and rendered the site offline.

Today the DDoS continues, so I searched Google to see if there was any site covering the site's downtime. I found a new blogspot blog launched by the site's admin to relay news about the situation. There's not much to say: the attacker is evading IP bans and the site is MIA for now.

I also found something I didn't expect: Encyclopedia Dramatica has a nifty entry on the DDoS'd site. It turns out that it's actually a *chan sister site!

I used the handy link at the bottom of the page to browse the articles on the many other chan boards and I checked several out. Most weren't worth the look. Naturally the infamous 4chan and 7chan were quite disturbing and I'm hopping I repress the memory of visiting them. However, Epic Win did occur: two of the chan boards are rather tame (well, at the level of VCL and FA in that regard) and very good! One is Anime themed and the other is Furry themed. I spent a fair amount of time looking them over. Since I was just skimming to see what sort of things were there I didn't really look at the pictures. I foresee many visits to those sites in the future.

While I was looking over ED I decided to check on Project Chanology, better known as Scientology vs Anonymous. It turns out that today was a day for protests! Clicky for the lolz!

In other news I installed the software I mentioned in the other day's entry. Tomorrow is the big two-week shopping.

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