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Posted on March 14th, 2008
When I went to bed on Wednesday it was my understanding that the plan was to gear up and run some errands right after dad got home from the barber's. It was also my understanding that we'd pick up lunch while we were out. Thus when I got up yesterday I expected this to still be the case.

Since we'd established where all we were going, I knew what I'd get for lunch and snacks later. Thus I planned the day's eating around these items.

Dad returned home from the barber's around 9:30 AM. Figuring we'd leave soon, I just paced and putzied while I waited. 10:00 AM rolled by. At 10:30 AM there was no sign that we'd be leaving soon, and I was getting annoyed. After all, I'd just spent an hour waiting as I would if I was expecting someone important to call between such and such a time. At 11:00 AM, normally lunch time, we still hadn't gone anywhere.

At 11:15 AM I was irate and confronted mom saying "Are we EVER going to run the errands today?!"

Her reply was a surprised "I figured we'd run them after lunch."

I responded that buying lunch after you've already eaten it was rather stupid, and the conversation went downhill from there. In the end mom relented that maybe changing the plans without telling those involved wasn't the best course of action.

So I had to re-figure out the day's eating. Ah the joy of being on a diet.

I ended up having the last Lean Cuisine, the four-cheese pizza. Mom fixed some Cream of Mushroom soup, but it looked like cottage cheese; it was all curdled and icky. That went down the drain and she got a peanut butter sandwich.

Shortly after lunch we left for the errands I'd expected to run earlier in the morning.

We needed to get a random selection of odds and ends, notably some prescriptions and some new kitty litter trays. All we've been finding litter tray wise are small and shallow trays or covered litter trays that no cat over a year old can fit inside. It's like no manufacturers expect your cat to live long enough to reach adulthood.

We decided to try Marc's, which is a department store chain that has moved in to the building that one of the stores we used to regularly visit used to reside in. It closed down shop some time before we left the city a decade ago, so the visit might have been nostalgic as it was indeed the same building.

And the similarities stopped there.

Marc's was very very cramped with shoddy looking merchandice (including a line of knock-off Transformers). Most of the store seemed rather unkempt. They had litter trays, but only dinky ones. Mom and I picked up some Lean Cuisines that looked good, and we found something else on the list but I don't remember what it was (I'm guessing duct tape).

After looking through the store, we went to check out. The person ahead of us in line was having trouble getting her check to be accepted. That took some time to clear up.

When our turn came, the clerk rang us up and gave us the total. Mom handed the clerk her credit card, and the clerk shrugged and said they couldn't take it. So mom handed the clerk the other credit card she carries, and the clerk shrugged again and said they couldn't accept that card either. She said they could only accept Discover cards, checks or cash. That's right: this big chain couldn't take our VISA or Mastercard. That was indeed priceless.

With no way to pay for the goods, we shrugged and left empty handed. Thus was our first -- and last -- trip to Marc's.

Next stop: the pharmacy.

While we waited for the prescriptions to be filled, we collected junk food. Among other items, we each picked up a Lean Cuisine for our dinner. Note that the junk food acquired here was what I'd originally planned to have for lunch. I also discovered that the store-brand caffeine free soda I like comes in 20 oz bottles; previously the only size I knew existed was the 1 Liter bottles. We also got donuts.

Checking out didn't go real smooth. We waited for the clerk to hand us our recipt, and the clerk was waiting for us to produce money. You see, this place has a fancy "express pay" system: your credit card is use once, then linked to your account. After that the push of a button bills your card much like PayPal works online. Nifty eh?

Except that somehow or other our card was taken off our account between our last visit and yesterday. This took a few minutes and two clerks to correct.

The next stop was the pet store. Naturally, we hit road construction on the way.

This new pet store is rather nice. We had no trouble finding litter trays large enough for Marmaduke, and we picked up two of them along with more litter.

We also found something unexpected. We looked over the cat toys to see if there was anything that might look nice laying untouched on the floor later when we spotted replacement Turbo Scratcher balls. We've been looking for these for eons! The Turbo Scratcher is Pov's favorite toy. The balls are in a track so that when the cat hits them they go around and come back to him from the other side. Our version's ball lights up when it's been touched, but over the years the light has gone out. These replacement balls have working lights. They also have replacement scratch pads for the center of the toy.

The first thing we did when we got home was to switch the balls and install a fresh pad on the toy. The sight that greeted us when we removed the old pad was rather horrific. Maybe we should change them more often.

Pov loves the new ball, and he spent a lot of time yesterday and a little during the night playing with it.

Also: Reese's Fudge Eggs are filled with peanut butter. What a gyp.

That sums up the grand adventure from yesterday.

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