Wheels are a turning
Posted on March 12th, 2008
Today began far to flippin early. The trip to the gov'ment office went better than expected; we only waited about half an hour and we found the building easily. The next 2 hours of the appointment were spent correcting or correlating the data the gov'ment had on record for the case.

I spent a lot of time working with Project Noise, but ultimately wrote myself into a corner. So instead of wasting more time coding I'm rethinking the details of the project to try to find a reasonable solution.

During the afternoon mom and I ventured out to Wal*Mart to pick up a few things. They didn't have some of the things we needed, but they did have the important things like fudge covered granola bars and chocolate covered nutty bars. We also picked up four dumbbells: a pair of 2 pounders and a pair of 5 pounders. Tomorrow I'll start working out with these pastel weights. Honestly, they look more like either dog chew toys or a toddlers teething accessory than exercise equipment.

Also, since the downstairs neighbors were home I gently set the pair of 2 pounders down on the carpet and then just "accidentally" dropped the 5 pounders.

That didn't shake the floor even a little bit, but it did make a nice thud.

I spent the rest of the day making detailed notes about Project Noise and resizing images.

With one exception, today's links feature batsh*t crazy women.

That exception is the Evil Overlord List. It's a hilarious and to the point take on the job of being an evil overlord and learning from the mistakes of past evils. An excerpt of this is in the book I took to with me to the gov'ment office this morning.

And now read about a crazy woman who
...threw her kids and herself off of an overpass
...had a human corpse in her luggage
...sat on her boyfriend's toilet for two years

Freaky stuff.

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