(not so) quiet day
Posted on March 11th, 2008
Today basically revolved around attempting to ignore the neighbors. All three of us showered during a span when they were gone for the day. I was already dried off and was getting my hair under pseudo-control when they crash landed. The most interesting thing happened. Every time their little darlin went THUMP bouncing about the apartment some water dribbled out of the shower head. This may explain another problem: for some reason the shower has behaved oddly since those neighbors moved in. It randomly flashes super hot or super cold. However, today the temperature was maintained -- nobody was home to shake the apartment.

My theory about their taking up residence gets more credible by the day. You see, they moved to that apartment from an apartment on the other side of the building. Methinks they were evicted due to complaints from their neighbors and simply moved into the next available apartment.

This evening they brought pizza and pop home. After all, there's nothing like a little caffeine to calm a hyper kid down.

We've also decided that the reason he shrieks and shouts all of the time is because he simply likes the sound of his voice echoing.

As I type this something went BANG down there and shook the apartment. I've got music playing, yet I can hear 'em clearly. How can they be so inconsiderate?

If only that family wasn't part of the staff for this complex...

I spent my day somewhat tired. Primarily all I did today was resize images and clean off the bottom shelf of toys (which I neglected to do yesterday).

I didn't actually do any coding for Project Noise but I've identified a number of oversights and worked out what needs to be done to fix them.

Tomorrow will begin far too bloody early. I have an appointment with the gov'ment at 8:30 farking AM. They made the appointment. I'll be taking a book with me as the last trip included a 2 hour waiting period prior to the appointment and I'd rather not send the DS through their security system.

I didn't run across any links of interest today. For the record today's browsing ate up 77.6 MB. If this is the average per day usage, then I use about half of the lowest tier's monthly amount (5,000 MB). This might be a problem. Fortunately there are higher tiers; it's about 6% of the amount in the highest tier (40,000 MB).

My userpic of choice for today is the one featuring Richard from Looking For Group. Out of all of the userpics I currently have, he's the only one that enjoys children.

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