Blazing away
Posted on March 7th, 2008
This morning was spent chatting away with relatives who came to visit. Much of the discussion was about the various dramas going on in the family, which made it a four hour marathon of "family member, this is your life!". Aside from reinforcing the idea that staying single and childfree is a really good choice, we learned a few things here and there. For example some of the oddities of my cousin's wedding were explained away.

A large part of the remainder of the day was spent working with Project Noise. While I can see a massive recode in the future (gee, that sounds familiar) I'm moving ahead rather swiftly. I've decided to only complete this version of the code to the point where it can handle a small fraction of features rather than actually complete it. After all, if this is but a rough draft, why go 1000 miles when just a single step shows it working?

Pretty much the only other thing I did was beat Sonic Rush as Blaze. I rather like this new character in the Sonic pantheon. From what I've seen, she's the first independent and intelligent woman in the cast. Cream's a twit, her mother is a dim bulb (or stoned) and Amy has a one-track existence. Also, while I have yet to see the "good" ending of Sonic Rush, I hear that Blaze is also the first female character in a cannon Sonic title to have a Super Transformation. She doesn't transform in the "bad" ending, so I dunno how reliable that info is.

Speaking of Blaze though, I ought to fashion a new userpic with the character since my only Sonic-themed userpic is of Amy.

Somehow today's links ended up to be all videos.

First up is a video of a baby kitten named Little Joe Joe.

Next is a Lost In Space music video about robots. It's a tad creepy.

Then it's a homebrew trailer for Where's Waldo: the Movie. Sadly it's rather believable given Hollywood's last few years of movies.

Lastly here's a doe that apparently is from the Matrix. It dodged an arrow shot at it through bullet time.

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