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Posted on March 4th, 2008
Today began with voting in the primary. The person I was planning to vote for wasn't on the ballot so I opted for the lesser of two weasels. I'm not surprised that guy wasn't on the ballot; considering that he has yet to gain any delegates at all I kinda figured he'd be a silent surrender. In other news the pub that has been using Jehovah's Witness style signature gathering is still attempting to be allowed to sell the hard stuff on Sunday. It failed to get enough signatures twice, and the third go is at the ballot box. We didn't support it this round either.

After getting back from the polls I spent some time dealing with a couple of issues relating to this site. I solved one of them and via a programming tweak am attempting to solve the other. I'll be monitoring it for a little while to see if the tweak did anything. If not, I'm going to untweak it.

A large part of the day was spent going over Project Parcae and the PC Project.

The latter end of the day was spent with Project Noise. Amusingly this ended up being a case where the simple and obvious solution is the last one I came up with. Thus it did start moving forward swiftly; it just started out with a fart.

In other news, one of the people behind Dungeons and Dragons passed away today, and this userpic has never been more appropriate.

Also I ran across a nifty extension for FireFox today. It's called Resizeable Textarea. It allows you to resize any multiline text area in FireFox. I dunno how useful it's gonna be, but it's a good idea.

Three links hath today: one weird, one spooky and one wacky.

First up is this neat little gadget that just gets under people's skin. Literally.

Next MaleVole has a quiz for everyone: Creator of a Programming Language or Serial Killer?

And lastly, there's no way one can reference MaleVole without also referencing this.

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