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Posted on February 29th, 2008
As mentioned earlier, mom is just getting worse while I'm getting better. Today the doctor called in a new, more potent medication for mom, so we went to the pharmacy to pick it up along with some other goodies.

The pharmacy carries a small selection of Lean Cuisine items, so I had spaghetti with meat sauce for lunch. The Italian Restaurant makes it better, but this was very good. I also got some more of that grape soda I found the last time we were there and a pharmacy-brand root beer to try tomorrow.

We also picked up a box of doughnuts. I was going to get such a thing the last time we came but none were on the shelves. As odd as it may sound, those doughtnuts are very good for sore throats.

I spent the evening surfing or working out some user interface design ideas for Project Gold. Where should the HUD go? What all should it show? While looking for an answer I ran across an article on game design that talked about a relatively new twist in interface design. Namely, no HUD at all. The more I read and thought about it, the better this idea sounded. Thus Project Gold will lack a HUD. This is quite the change for the perverse.

Part of the evening was spent playing more Sonic. Yesterday I beat the game and got the "bad" ending, so today I began to search for the Chaos Emeralds I need for the "good" ending. I may need a walkthough on this, as I played the first four worlds over as three characters and failed to find a bonus spring.

Three links crossed my path today:

Flash Freezing occurred at Grand Central Station. That takes some amazing skill to pull off, and I'm surprised they didn't get stopped by security.

FanFiction, naturally enough, is fiction written by fans. Today I ran across a little Calvin and Hobbes FanFiction that's particularly well done. Hobbes the Magic Tiger

Lastly, here's a collection of a different type of fancy car: Post Apocalyptic Survival Vehicles

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