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Posted on August 17th, 2007
I spent the day working with both Fur and Faith and KuiperHack. The latter received the most attention, though I ended up not getting very far. In the end I mostly just thought about how to do it. I'm about two fifths of the way through rants however, which is some progress.

However the real progress for the day was attaining my goal in with the WCG. I've reached 50,000 Points worth of work towards fighting AIDS and Malaria. This places me at #632 of about 1,400 on team Userfriendly. I broke the 50K boundary too late in the day to get the certificate later today (the 17th). I'll get it tomorrow. I'm not going to stop working with the WCG now that I've reached 50K. I'm simply going to go for the next award: 100K. I think I'll make that sometime around Easter 2008.

For lunch today I had Chinese carryout. The dumplings were improved by simply microwaving them. They are a bit too watery otherwise. The teriyaki beef is the best item on the menu in my opinion.

Today also saw an hour-long power outage. I saw a number of people mention it, notably vakkotaur. Oddly none of the people I've seen mention it live near each other. It's like the entire grid went down for an hour.

Much of what's worth commenting on today is news from other sources.

LiveJournal is digging their hole deeper. First off, they are issuing strikes against users for content that the users took down over a week ago. Retroactive bans aren't going to make them popular. Making things even more hostile, the LJ news post for today included a paid ad for Pepsi Max, pissing off paid members that had always been told that they wouldn't see ads on LiveJournal. There's also the little fact that the news post did not address or even mention the questions and complaints about the current scandals!

If anyone's wondering why I bailed, it's becoming more and more obvious.

In other news, Fox attempted to create a conservative version of the Daily Show called the Half Hour News Hour. They discovered that comedy is a skill found in people that can laugh at themselves -- and that's not the Right. The show has been canceled.

Lastly I decided to do a little digging about those toy recalls. One of the companies is Hasbro, and that's the company behind Transformers. Since I collect that line, I wanted to check that they were not recalled due to lead paint. Instead I discovered that they recalled my toy lightsaber instead -- it can overheat and cause burns. I hadn't had batteries in it for donkey's years, so I'm not too worried about it. Still, it was not an expected find. Ah well.

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