Moar games, higher pressure
Posted on February 22nd, 2008
Another order of video games arrived today. Among them is another Sonic game and another Kirby game. Yet more Sonic titles have yet to arrive. Today's order came with and in little multicolor cases for the GBA carts. They are red, blue and yellow and are rather quaint, though a bit like a lace cover for a computer mouse.

One of the games is noteworthy because it's actually a bootleg. Since this order was from a used video game store I don't think they were aware of this. There are several clues that it's an illegitimate copy. The cart's plastic is a slightly different color than regular GBA carts. The label is off-center and crooked. The first odd thing I noticed was the ESRB symbol reads "Everyone" but the abbreviation is for "Rating Pending". I confirmed it was a bootleg when I started it up. Before the Nintendo logo is a fancy logo reading "International Rising Sun, Organized Piracy". The real kicker is that the logo is trademarked. The game works fine.

The Kirby game that arrived was the game I was looking forward to playing the most out of the entire 18 game order. Thus I spent part of the evening playing it and beating it.

I started exercising today using the salt can as the weight. It's two pounds and fairly easy to hold.

The remainder of the day was spent working out a simple yet complex data format for Project Gold.

A little bit ago I checked my blood pressure and was taken aback by the reading. It was 137/93, higher than it was earlier and for completely unknown reasons. Looking back I've only been working to reduce it for three days, so that may hint at a reason. It's also about 12 hours since I took the meds, so that may also be a reason behind it. Exercising can raise it, but I took it several hours after exercising. Who knows. We're doing to call the doctor tomorrow and see about getting a professional opinion. If I'm lucky our automatic cuff just reports inaccurately high figures.

Today's two links have to do with the human body.

First off is DNA through the eyes of a coder. Aka looking at the ultimate source code.

Next up is a site about exercise and fitness. Lots of good stuff here. The exercise techniques listed have animated pictures showing how to do the exercise. Two pages of interest is the page about weight training myths and the page about feeling the burn.

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