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Posted on February 21st, 2008
Today mom and I ventured to the store to pick up a few things. While we were there, we took a look at the Kosher section. To our surprise, most of the Kosher stuff was free of citric acid and very low in sodium. I've yet to try most of what we got, but it looks promising. We've also discovered that most of the groceries we buy are actually kosher but not in the kosher section. Nearly everything in the cupboards and fridge have the OU symbol or another Kosher mark. Naturally, the ham and cheese Hot Pockets I had for lunch weren't remotely Kosher.

We also confirmed that the store does not carry any Kosher meat. We simply asked the butcher. Odds are, he was thinking "funny, they didn't look Jewish".

Several games arrived today. Among these was another Sonic title, one of the Kirby games and Final Fantasy I and II.

I decided earlier that I should cook up a Sonic userpic, as there are yet more Sonic titles ordered. I debated about making of my favorite Sonic series character, but in the end I decided to just let my perverse sense of humor do the talking. Hopefully people reading this will get the joke. If not, Google is your friend.

This may be surprising, but a lot of time today was spent working on Project Gold. I've been pondering over the AI required by the game and am slowly getting it designed and workable.

The first link of the day is an article about a couple who neglected their 5-month old to the point where it died, and then are unable to understand what the problem is. Somehow another kid lived to be 3 years old in that household. This case is very messed up with lot of unanswered questions.

In happier news, here's a page that figures out the Internet's opinion of various programming languages. Notably, Pascal is actually ahead of Perl and Java. People frequently insist that people should stop coding in Pascal and take up Perl or Java instead, so this is a rather amusing twist.

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