WWIII and fast feet
Posted on February 20th, 2008
Early this morning I took my blood pressure again. It was 120/89, so the systolic came back down during the night, but the diastolic didn't budge.

Shortly thereafter I was on my computer and things went to Hell. Mom came over and handed me an ultimatum: I will discard the diet I've been following since 2005, sign up with Richard Simmons and use the 1,600 calorie / day plan because I cannot be trusted to make my own choices. This got heated really quick as I took offense to someone else forcibly changing my lifestyle for me with neither my input nor consent.

Never mind that the 89 diastolic is the first reading above 80 in 3 YEARS. Never mind that we'd both agreed on cutting back on the likely culprits (eating out, deli chicken, chips etc) yesterday. Never mind the fact that eating 1,600 calories a day made me confused and dizzy (hypoglycemia). No, just like someone's senile old grandpa in a nursing home I'm obviously unable to make decisions on my own, so she has to step in and take over and nothing I can say will change that as she was clearly not listening to any of this.

F*ck yes, I responded with vitriol (surprisingly, that was the first swear word I've used all day). Then Dad got in on it on her side. Pretty soon it was just a bunch of yelling at each other. Finally she backed off and the "conversation" ended.

I don't know if it was because of all of the hostility or because mom just vacuumed the carpet, but all three cats threw up shortly afterwards.

And to clarify it wasn't so much what she was proposing as it was the very condescending way it was presented.

Naturally, that rather soured the day. Today was also quieter than usual after lunch as nobody was interested in talking.

Shifting gears, two of the games I'd ordered arrived. They weren't the first ones to ship either. In a way it's rather amusing that the two games to arrive first are both Sonic the Hedgehog titles. The DS ran out of juice though, so neither have been beaten or played very much.

I spent the time after lunch working on Project Gold.

Today netted a total of 5 links:

Religion affects America's view of nanotechnology.

Here are some shots of the world's largest hmburger. I can't decide if that's gross or appetizing.

5 Myths about torture reinforce a fact we've known for years: it doesn't work.

Lastly in the vein of that rotting fast food video I posted yesterday, here's the infamous Stinky Meat Project. Hot dogs are like French fries apparently.


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