Good news, bad news
Posted on February 19th, 2008
The Good news:
• One of the things I ordered the other day arrived this morning. It's a new mouse. My previous one was about 5 years old and the scroll wheel had picked up a habit of randomly scrolling a click or two up or down at random. The main difference in the mice is that the new one requires a lot more force to click the middle button.

• Our broken oven was replaced with a 2 month old unit that works. We can (in theory) cook stuff now.

• We now know that the World's Noisiest Kid is in fact only 2 year old and will hopefully grow out of this make noise for the sake of making noise phase. Said kid also has quite a reputation for being anything but quiet -- misery loves company.

• Lots of things shipped today. So soon lots of crap will arrive in the mail.

The Bad News:
• My pressure has crept upwards again. We were thinking of trying out the new oven with a Freschetta pizza, and I got to thinking. I've had a lot of splurges recently, and yesterday was an example. So I felt I should check the blood pressure just to be safe. I got 131/89 in one arm, 120/84 in the other. Due to the higher reading, we're not going to get a pizza. Instead we're going to focus on getting it back down. The likely culprits behind the rise in pressure are the bologna, pop, deli chicken, stops at the Italian restaurant and the chips I inhaled yesterday. Thus those are being cut immediately. With those off the menu, the pressure should return to normal pretty quickly. Once it's low and stable again I can have that pizza.

Almost forgot the links I ran across.

Here's a recipe that ends up looking like fried vomit.
Equally yummy is a video of Weird Al's Livin' in the Fridge and this test of McDonald's food. McFries don't decay; are we sure they are edible?

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