Easy come, easy go
Posted on February 16th, 2008
Today began with the club house's open house. There were many people there, including a person dressed as the statue of liberty. I'm sure he was thrilled about spending the morning in the snow and slush.

First off, you'll need to buy an access card to use the gym equipment or various other parts of the club house. So much for that idea.

Mom was rather miffed that the place wasn't 100% open to residents. For example, the kitchen was off limits and these access cards are a further restriction. Neither surprised me; the staff were using the kitchen to pass out cookies and soda. Notably, the guy in the kitchen was wearing gloves, so it's obvious to me that for the moment nobody else belongs in there. The access cards were expected; the $35 price tag was not.

Over all it was something of a bust.

Shortly after lunch mom went over the budget. Now that we have the tax return we can re-instate allowances. We gave up allowance and birthday and Christmas money in order to help the move along. For a sweeter deal, we can have all of the money we gave up. So today I had a little over $300 plunked in my lap.

Naturally I went crazy on Amazon. In the end I netted 19 GBA or DS games that I've been debating about. I'm going to be quite busy in the near future! Surprisingly, some of them were shipped this afternoon.

On another note, I cleaned up the files on the desktop so that I can get started with Project Pascae, Project Gold and Project Metal. Despite the amount of impending gameplay, I have stuff to attend to.

On a side note, I was going to fashion a new userpic from a transformation comic where Princess Peach is turned into a Koopa. Unfortunately, it didn't work very well since I wanted to include the comic's tag line as well as Koopa!Peach. In the comic she sides with Bowser after the transformation, hence the line: "Sorry Mario, the Princess ISN'T in another castle!" That's a bit of sick gamer humor for you.

Today yielded a number of links.

First off is a music video about the gaming industry's most bizarre lawyer, Mr. Thompson.

Equally laughable are the anecdotes in this archive of
Stupid User Tricks.

Probably the strangest link I've come across in a long while is this article. It seems they want to throw a paper airplane while outside the atmosphere. Huston, we have origami.

Lastly everyone knows about I Can Has Cheezburger and the many Lolcats found there. Today I found that there is a canine equivalent: I Has a Hot Dog.

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