Fast paced day
Posted on February 13th, 2008
Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and sober.

Today really went by quickly. Several highlights include some clarifications on some legal issues we'd been wondering about, we learned that I can only stand for about 30 minutes before the legs ache and feet burn, we now know a fair amount of the cleaning lady's life history, and I think I've discovered a way to automate the image resizing.

Right after we got the mac and cheese in the oven the water turned piss-yellow. Not long after talking with the office the water was turned off for a brief time, then the water came back on and all was fine.

Tomorrow we're going to have to rush and get out the door to do some shopping. We're nearly out of bread, cat food and toilet paper -- three requirements for everyday life.

In other news, Project Rainbow has been dubbed a failure; the main reason is that it requires a heck of a lot of drawing and I'm just not capable of handling that. Some of the worst artists at VCL and other places I frequent online are far more confidant in their art than I'm confidant of my own skill, but it may just be that I just know when to quit. Sprites and decorative art I can do just fine: but Project Rainbow required more skill and effort than I have.

Hence it's either on the far back burners with a chance of being resumed or dead completely.

Naturally, I have another project to replace it that isn't remotely as taxing. Thus beings Project Parcae . It should be fairly quick to set up as it doesn't involve or require any new software.

It's old but interesting news: PlayStation 3s are being used by scientists for their raw computing horsepower.

For something rather surreal, here's Star Wars presented by animated text.

Remember the Magic School Bus? Here's another school bus that travels to new hieghts.

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