Busy billiards
Posted on February 8th, 2008
Yesterday we got notice that the new club house was open. This club house is for residents of the apartment complex, so mom and I went over this morning to see what's there. There's an exercise room with several machines (stationary bikes, treadmills and a few others). We visited the billiard room and played a game of 9-ball (as best I could remember the rules).

After the game, we went to the grocery store for odds and ends of things. I picked up some deli chicken for my lunch. Since my recent discovery that some Hot Pockets and Lean Cuisine meals are within my diet, I checked out a few while we where there and picked up a Hot Pocket for sometime next week.

I spent the rest of the day working on things. I finished up another part of the PC Project, and then I focused on the game I mentioned yesterday. It's now playable, though some features haven't been added yet.

A new project I've been thinking about took form today. I have dozens of backups and thousands of files tucked away. I figure I should go over them and create a clean copy. I decided to start with the large caches of images. I've noticed that many of the images I've downloaded over the years are much bigger than needed. So I wrote a simple PHP script to compare several versions of an image and keep only the best choices. Much of the evening was spent cleaning up images by the score.

As a result, I've managed to cram 27 MB of images into 6 MB. This trick clearly works. All I'm doing is messing with the JPG quality. In a lot of cases, 50% quality is much smaller than 100% quality and the artifacts aren't noticeable. All the script does is take an image, create 5 new image files (75% quality, 50% quality, 25% quality and two PNGs) and allow for point and click comparisons.

Once I've cleaned up the caches currently on the system I'll start going over the backups. In a lot of cases I saved stuff as BMPs. I'll be changing these BMPs to PNGs as I go to squeeze more into a smaller space.

Today's link boldly goes were no one with taste has gone before: Star Trek funeral urns and coffins.

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