Well that was a ride
Posted on February 7th, 2008
Today began quickly. Mom called about getting the taxes done, and the place we called had a free spot at 2:00 PM. I got up at 1:00 PM, at which point I snarfed breakfast and joined mom on the errand.

Things went bizarre from there.

The person who was doing our taxes had to ask his superior something every few minutes and had some trouble entering all of the information in to the computer program. Apparently he was new at this. After an hour he was done and we left.

During one of the pauses mom noticed that the cat bite of the moment was red and swollen and the redness was starting to spread in a line down a nearby vein. Midnight gets cranky sometimes, and yesterday he bit mom pretty hard for unknown reasons. So we hurried off to the doctors to see if we could be penciled in so mom could get the bite looked at.

Naturally, we had to wait about an hour to see anyone. In the meantime, there were two boys romping around the office. I was wondering what was so difficult about keeping kids with the toys and coloring books at the far end of the room when a family of three arrived. The father kept hold of his 4-6 year old daughter, who twisted, contorted, screamed and made quite a racket. The kid was clearly retarded in some way. I tried and failed to match the confused thrashing to some type of stroke or seizure. Mom had a better guess: Cerebral Palsy. With most kids that scream and bellow I normally hold the parents responsible to subjecting everyone to their spawn. In this case the phrase "there's nothing you can do" actually applies.

Then we saw the doctor. Since we were being penciled in this was not the usual doctor we see, but another member of that practice. He was extremely animated and agitated. The man should lay off the caffeine. Or at least that's what we're hoping he's on. In the end we got a prescription for antibiotics.

Since we had to be home to see dad off for work, we had less than 30 minutes to get the script filled and get home. We shot to the grocery store, as we use the pharmacy there. However, the pharmacy has a talent for taking forever to fill prescriptions and being irate with the clients, and naturally the line for the pharmacy was backed up into nearby isles (10+ strong waiting for their turn).

We just said f*** that and zoomed to the local drug store. They filled the prescription in about 10 minutes. I picked up a package of Hot Pockets and a regular Mt. Dew for my dinner and out we went.

We shot home and just made it in time to get dad up and off to work.

At this point, both mom and I were exhausted and frazzled.

Despite the above craziness, I spent the rest of the day trying to get things done. I did a number of benchmark tests, and discovered a better way to manage the code I wrote yesterday. I also got it working under Linux by using a new trick I discovered a while back.

I also messed around with some games I coded with Delphi last year. I wrote them for the fun of it, but I think I could turn them into polished products using raw WinAPI easily enough. Someday soon I'll code up new versions with better features.

Since most of the day was not spent at home I didn't see much worth linking to. The only thing of interest is this article on growing body parts. That's a few steps more palatable than making human-animal hybrids to get new organs.

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