And so it begins
Posted on February 6th, 2008
The Christian season of Lent began this morning. There are several pages on LiveJournal that I keep tabs on, and as they update rather often I normally check them every ten to fifteen minutes. This year I'm going to abstain from visiting LiveJournal completely to try and break this crack-like habit. I'm expecting the DTs to begin by Friday.

The day was largely spent trying to use the computer. Little One seemed determined that I shouldn't be allowed on it today for some reason. Once I had some time on the computer I wrote out a version of the code I wrote the other day. This new version uses CRT instead of the KVM system. It seems it could also use some tweaking as it's a tad slow in places.

Today's UserFriendly comic was about the holy war to end all geek holy wars: Emacs VS vi. Both are text editors, primarily for *nix systems. People tend to prefer one loathe the other. Personally I dislike them both. Amusingly, today the text editor I use to code stuff under Windows decided to have a conniption fit. I've installed a new editor, ConText, and will probably replace the confused program with it once I've poked around it a bit. Notably you can turn auto-indentation off. That's the part of the usual editor that's harfing up.

The Super Tuesday votes continue to be counted, more or less tying Clinton and Obama. There is also news of people from various states (notably Flordia, Virgina and Texas) somehow got confused about when they vote.

In other news I ran across the Operating Systems Sucks-Rules-O-Meter. It uses search engines to see how many people are saying that an operating system sucks or rules. Naturally, the more people have used a system, the more say it sucks.

And for a sheer dose of head-turning strangeness, here's a vegetarian vampire platypus eating a blood orange with some V8: clicky.

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