Nuked and Paved
Posted on August 14th, 2007
Some days the only way one can clean things up is to dump everything in the trash and start over. I backed everything up yesterday, so I spent nearly all of my time today reinstalling the operating systems. That's right, systems. GRUB's a pain in the pa-toot often enough, but ghosting the drive didn't remove it (it only corrupted it). Thus I ended up installing Linux to repair and control GRUB. I also figured out how to tweak GRUB's settings so that it now boots Windows XP by default and only waits a moment at the menu screen.

Much of the system is back to normal now. I tend to overlook a few things whenever I reformat, so I'm just waiting to run across the current crop of oopsies.

WCG is chugging along like nothing happened, though the website will soon be mistaking this install for yet another computer. One result was already sent in, but the site isn't update yet.

Shortly after going online today I ran across a news article about how it doesn't pay to be smart. The gist of the article is that smarter people aren't always the richest. It reminds me of the Dilbert principal: "people rise to the level of their incompetence". It's not news, it's just backed up by numbers now.

Lastly I've decided to add two comics to my lengthy list of daily reads. First there's Diesel Sweeties, a sprite comic Ive been reading via the feed on LiveJournal for some time. It's about a robot and the people around him. Furries appear every so often, but I'm not sure quite why yet. It's not the usual bashing nor does it seem to promote the subculture.

The other comic I found this evening. It's called Minus and is about a little girl with a very complex imagination. Her fantasies literally come alive, for better or worse. In the case of worse, it's been shown that she can undo whatever the "magic" does or even turn the "magic" off like a switch. Very surreal find.

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