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Posted on January 25th, 2008
While the distros I downloaded yesterday were both valid copies and burned just fine, neither worked. This computer's hardware is a bit screwy and things don't always work as planned. While Debian was the distro with the more promising outlook, it can't run this screen worth a darn.

So I spent today downloading a possible solution. The original distro I tried was version 5 of a distro I like. It's the current version, despite being a little over a year old. Sometimes older is better than newer, so I downloaded version 4. It hails from 2005. I also attempted to download version 3, but I gave up on that.

Version 4 installed perfectly and runs beautifully. Yeah, much of the software is out of date, but I should be able to upgrade them as needed. Oddly the stuff I want it to run isn't that archaic. Whatever, it works.

Today was plagued with connection troubles and slow as sap internet speeds. The whole of last week wasn't much better. So once the download was done (as I didn't think of doing this until four hours into the download) I set my computer to use OpenDNS as the DNS server instead of the ISP's DNS server. HUGE speed increase.

Now that everything is setup and working, I can resume development for my various projects. I'm also thinking about seeing if I can make the boot menu look purdier, but for now it's just peachy that it WORKS.

Some bizarre links were dragged up from the depths of the net today.

First off, Jesus Christ has returned; he's just in a potato. Cue Samwise Gamgee clip.

Here's a handy video explanation of how to install power windows in your car.

This next link speaks for itself.

Interested in a bit of history? Here's a blog written by a World War I soldier. I'm not being silly when I said that either.

Lastly I found the homepage of a famous cartoonist. I run across his works a lot online. Clicky for the cartoons of Randy Glasbergen. You may not know his name, but I can bet you've seen his comics.


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