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Posted on January 24th, 2008
The day seems to lend itself to the phrase WTF, mate? So here's the run down on the day's activities.

• Copying 8 GB of data to the external hard drive from the computer took about 3 hours. Copying it all back to the computer from the external drive took about 30 minutes. WTF?

• The Linux install is corrupt. This is probably due to scratches or general wear to the year-old install CD. Thus I spent a few hours downloading fresh ISOs. I'll burn 'em and try 'em tomorrow. The weird part is that the year-old CD is actually the current version of that distro -- hence why I'm going to try another distro.

• While downloading I played through a very difficult and very long hidden dungeon in my Zelda game only to discover that the prize at the end doesn't aid Link's quest at all. That dungeon takes over an hour to work through, and thus has no payoff for your effort. WTF?

• I beat the Linked Zelda game, so I started a new game with Zelda 4 DX. Compared to the two Oracle games (heck, compared with Zelda 4), it's really poorly done -- WTF was Nintendo thinking? So I simply started over with the black-and-white GameBoy version.

• Prior to reformatting, the background processes and OS used 350 MB of memory. Now that I've reformatted, they use only 220 MB of memory. Lower usage is better, but why the sharp drop?

• New versions of many programs. Thus a lot of things (FireFox included) look and work a little different than they did earlier in the week. I've opted not to install various add-ons I was using, so FireFox is leaner than before.

• While us Americans debate about abstinence only education and safe sex, the Japanese use a musical number. This would be bizarre if anyone else came up with it.

• You can find reviews for anything online. Amazon.com is no exception. However, sometimes this is taken a bit far. For example, here are some reviews of a ball point pen.

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