What a day
Posted on January 22nd, 2008
The stars weren't right today. They weren't completely wrong either, so the day's events were frustrating and annoying without being major.

Hardly anything went right:
• The bed suffered a lethal case of static cling this morning, thus the simple act of making the bed was a task. The blankets stuck to each other, me, and the bed. A 30 second task took about 10 minutes of effort.

• The previous post covered the morning conversation.

• The internet connection didn't quite work. I was lucky to hit dial-up speeds in some cases. Thus somethings I downloaded took several hours longer than usual.

• I spent the day tired, so this mess was less bearable than it probably appears. I attempted to take a nap, at which time Little One attempted to perfect his tap-dancing skills on my face. Thus I didn't rest up any during that nap.

• At several points mom asked me to do something and then stood or walked in the way of whatever it was she wanted me to do. Once I told her to move out of the way so I could do whatever, and she was offended and got all huffy, asking "what's my problem?" and "why was I so grumpy?". My best answer to that is that I was born without the ability to walk through solid matter.

• I've decided that it would be best to reformat the computer. Too much junk on it, and too many trailings from programs or installs that didn't end up working. However, I need to wait for BOINC to finish these last jobs before I can reformat.

• For a short time the water was off. There was a leak somewhere in the complex, and they needed to turn the water off to fix it. This basically screwed up lunch as one needs water to cook.

• Another, abet petty, annoyance was that the battery to the GBA died while I was writing down a password.

In other news, this guy is sitting on a fortune, but won't compromise the ecology for money.

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