Break in the action
Posted on August 13th, 2007
For the past few days I've been feeling like a break is needed. So instead of working on any of my projects I focused on other things. I spent a fair amount of time reading over this rather in-depth article on the many bloopers and oddities of Transformers: The Movie (1987).

I also spent some time cleaning up and backing up my computer. I've been debating about reformatting it for about a week now, and in the end I've decided a good nuke and pave would be a good idea. The usual reasons apply: more room on the freshly wiped drive, software I neither use nor want anymore is all gone, my files are in order for the first time in months, and upgrades galore when I download the new versions of stuff. A new reason is to remove some customizing I did shortly after the last reformat. In the end it's proven annoying, and the only way to remove it cleanly is a reinstall.

So now I'm just waiting for this last WCG job to finish and this computer gets freshened up.

I spent a lot of time surfing randomly, so there are a couple of links worth looking at in my bookmarks today. The TF:TM article is linked above.

Doesn't this just break your heart? Looks good to me, then again so does 90% of the stuff I can't have thanks to the diet.

Today's Link of the Day on Userfriendly is worth a look. Some people take making shapes out of balloons a tad seriously.

Lastly, Chick Tracts have cropped up again in one of the communities I keep tabs on. It's a real simple fact that most people get after reading these little comics: Jack Chick is certifiably bats*** nuts. Unfortunately, some people think he's correct about his wild claims. As a result Catholic Answers ( has a six page article on him. Wikipedia is a bit less kind about Chick Tracks. Simply put, he needs to get a life.

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