The diet starts tomorrow
Posted on January 21st, 2008
Today began with a trip to the doctors. As this was mom's turn to see the doc, I waited in the waiting room and played Super Mario 64 on the DS while I endured the children present. One family was really getting on my nerves. They had two children, roughly 2 and 1 years old. They sat down directly behind me, which is pretty much as far from the toys, kid's books and things they'd be interested in as you can get. Smart choice eh?

The 2 year old ran all over the place, including out of the waiting room, and then would run back and take a flying leap at the chair behind me. The 1 year old was confined to a stroller however.

As a bonus, neither of them shut up at any one point. It was pretty much a constant stream of ablablablablaBLABLABLASHRIEK! from them. The only exceptions were when they made nauseating juicy phlegm-filled inhales or blorpblorp noises.

I was debating whether I should kill the mother or the spawn if one of them vomited on me when mom returned and we made a very hasty exit.

The report from the doctor wasn't that great: mom's blood pressure's up and so is her weight. Thus the doctor wants her on a low salt diet and to try to get the weight down.

The next stop was Target, and things went pretty smoothly there, even if you count the 3 year old that was by himself scooting across the floor on his back.

We were almost done in the store when I mentioned that I was feeling dizzy and a little out of it. Thus I picked up a Snickers bar at the check out and ate it immediately. The dizziness cleared very shortly thereafter.

The next and last stop was the buffet. I was going to get just water to drink, but after hitting the low at Target I opted for root beer.

We picked up two movies at Target: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, which my dad wants to see, and the Simpsons Movie, which I wanted. After a brief rest, mom and I wanted the latter.

The rest of my day was spent catching up on stuff online and/or trying some ideas code wise.

As a direct result, I don't have a link for the day. I simply didn't hang out online much. There's always Arcade Town if you're bored and really want a link to click on.

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