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Posted on November 29th, 2012
Tuesday, I ended up having trouble staying awake and thus didn't make an entry. Yesterday I was too tired to write, so I didn't make an entry then either. Today however, neither is the case, so here's a brief recap of the week.

Tuesday involved running more errands: the bird food store, the post office and a used game store among them. I ended up having troubles staying awake, and thus not only did I take a nap for a few hours but I also went to bed early.

Yesterday was largely spent fighting an uphill battle with new content for DBHL. I eventually gave up and sat down with my game of Dead Space. As it grew closer to time to go to bed I also drew close to the end of the game, so I stayed up a little extra to finish that last boss fight and beat the game. Thus when it was over I wasn't able to write coherently.

And all that said, I've managed to accumulate a backlog of things I need to get about doing. There were various reasons for this, such as things just not working, my occasional failure to remember something I said I was going to do, simply running out of time to work on things or Steam sales/games distracting me. Thus I came up with a new plan last night. Since I was already mid-way through the Dead Space series and in the middle of raising a pair of phoenixes in Castleville, I decided that I would finish both, then spend a day (or more) unplugged from the net so I could focus entirely on the backlog.

Today was largely spent playing Dead Space 2. After about a total of 9 hours (not consecutive) I ended up beating it. I could go back through and beat the New Game + mode, but that can wait for later. So now I'm just waiting on both birds to mature. Both of them are also half way there already.

Tomorrow I'll be seeing about getting my Tumblrs readied for another week or more.

Two links for today, both Zero Punctuation reviews: Yatzhee's takes on Dead Space 1 and Dead Space 2.

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