Quick shopping and lots of fuss later
Posted on November 27th, 2012
Since the usual grocery day managed to land right before Thanksgiving, we opted to do it several days early rather than face the crowds. This left us with almost an extra week between shoppings, so we were running low on a number of things. Thus this morning was spent at the grocery store, gathering things to tide us over until the usual date for the big shopping trip. We ran across a friend of ours in what used to be the Hostess isle, and chatted for some time.

My afternoon (or what was left of it) was spent fussing with Tumblr's theme documentation as I fought to get PonAI's new theme completed. By the early evening I'd given up on making my own theme and tried several iterations of other available themes, but didn't find anything I liked. Towards the end of the day as I finally figured out what was causing the problems I was having and installed my new custom theme, but it's not quite done yet. Tomorrow I should be able to finish what's left, as it's just filling out some things.

Dinner ended up being a pizza movie night. I held back a little and only had a small double cheese pizza and an order of jos. No chips this round, though I did polish off most of a container of dip.

After the movie, the rest of the day was largely spent playing Dead Space from where I left off, save for a brief period of additional work on the Tumblr theme when I had a flash of insight as to what was causing trouble. In a nutshell, Tumblr's documentation needs to explain more than it does.

To end the day on a silly note, have a short video about a goofy situation that cropped up in someone's game of Mario Party. Turns out that without any player input the computer controlled characters lost every single event.

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