Yesterday in review
Posted on January 20th, 2008
Yesterday went rather quickly. First mom and I went grocery shopping. We'd reached the car before either of us had thought to get the shopping cart from the storage on the 5th floor. Shortly after that we made a series of errors attempting to just have a conversation. We decided it would be best to eat first as our brains apparently were low on fuel.

We thus visited the Italian restaurant. While looking the menu over I noticed that sandwiches come with one of a number of sides instead of only onion rings or stake fries. Since I don't like onion rings I'd been ordering stake fries; and to be honest I'd rather order something else. Since something else is actually a choice, I got my chicken tender sandwich with a side of the restaurant's awesome spaghetti. The chicken tender sandwich was a deviance from the norm: normally I get a meatball sub, but I've been wanting to try other things. The chicken tender sandwich is basically the meatball sub with chicken tenders instead of meatballs. It's rather good, but it's not better than the meatball sub. I'll probably go between the two at random.

During the meal the restaurant played -- I kid you not -- the little diddy known as MAME Jump!

Also at the restaurant was a rather loud group that spent the entire time talking about God and the Bible at a volume that ensured no one in the place missed a word. On the plus side they did take a swing at Bush.

It was easy to tell which van they arrived in: there was a plague with a prayer, a fish with a cross, a free standing cross, two Christian-themed bumper stickers and a little 10 Commandments magnet on the back of one of the vans in the lot.

On the way from the restaurant to the store we stopped at a pharmacy to see if we could find a few things the store doesn't carry. We found the udderly important ointment I use and it also turned out that they have Easter candy out already. Thus I picked up some Cadbury eggs. They also had a new flavor of Cadbury eggs: orange chocolate. Sounds disgusting, so I got two originals and two caramels.

The shopping itself went without a hitch. It didn't get very crowded until the last third of the store. I managed to pickup some deli BBQ chicken (which was my lunch today).

We stopped at the bread store on the way home and picked up some junk (eg, red hot potato chips, fruit pies).

We got everything into the apartment and pretty much collapsed.

Mom was sending this around yesterday and I forgot to post it. A music video you'll not soon forget

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