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Posted on October 31st, 2012
Yesterday had its ups and downs. It started out with a few errands followed unexpectedly by a stop at Subway. Most of the day was spent poking around at things, the new pony tumblr and related bits in particular.

However, the burning below the surface came to a boil and an explosion during the evening when several problems came together at once. I was having trouble with a picture and couldn't seem to correct it for trying. While that's frustrating enough on its own, either the editor or Windows itself began to hang and crash, making it more difficult to get nowhere. Topping that off was the fact that I needed to eat and was thus on a sugar low. Not a good combination.

Shortly after things were calming down the lights started dimming and the brunt of what Sandy was throwing our way hit. Now we're not on the coast or even near it, but apparently we're close enough to get high winds, violent rain downpours and other joys. I turned off everything and spent the rest of the night playing games on the iPod or surfing the web on the DS. The storm also kept me up for most of the night, and it also managed to cause my window to leak to some degree.

Today was spent quietly going about things. Now that the computer was actually responding, I fixed the errors in the images, tweaked the tools and launched the new Pony Tumblr. Expect lots of computer and tech humor in addition to the normal random pony stuff.

The other main facet of the day was some coding done while watching She-Ra: Princess of Power. Yes, that show is rather cheesy (and in some cases rather grating) but it's basically the next chapter of He-Man. I've already watched every episode of He-Man, hence why I'm watching this one. There's some interesting differences between them; by and large one show is the exact opposite of the other.

For example, both shows feature a small group fighting against the enthroned government. In He-Man, the small group is run by the evil Skeletor and his minions while the government is protected by He-man. In She-Ra, the government is run by the evil Hordak and his minions while the small group is protected by She-Ra.

Another bit of interest is the use of tech and magic. In both cases the government has the tech and the small group has the magic. However, as I just noted the roles of these to groups flips. This looks like an old (and sad) marketing strategy: In He-Man (aimed at boys) technology is used to save the day and magic is generally bad, while in She-Ra (aimed at girls) technology is only used by evil and magic is generally good. In other words, Boy's toys use fancy gizmos, girl's toys use magic.

The link for today is almost a day too late. I found it yesterday but due to power issues wasn't able to post it. It's the Definitive Guide to Trading Halloween Candy.

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