Thinking of other worlds
Posted on October 25th, 2012
Today wasn't terribly productive. Pretty much the extent of what I did was take a slew of screen caps to develop Emo's story around.

Most of everything else seemed to just not go quite right.

I started off on the wrong foot, as I noticed that nobody responded to a political post made during the night. So I reposted it where people would see it. In the end, the dire situation reported by the original post turns out to be yet another wad of mud and FUD being slung about this election season.

The day continued with me losing a game of Serious Sam on Tourist difficulty. This was followed shortly by my discovery that I had spent the time and resources making a second carrot cake only to discover that I only needed to have one for the quest. Do you have any idea how bloody hard it is to make a carrot cake in Castleville?

This evening I tried the new sparkly version of Minecraft. As expected, the texture pack I use has kept up with the changes and was also updated. I tossed out my current worlds and began to explore a new one.

Only after I'd spent an hour building a fashionable estate to use as a base did I discover that there were no caverns to explore anywhere nearby. I chucked that world and tried another, with similar results. Mind you I was blowing up the world with tons of TNT in an attempt to find a cave, not just digging around aimlessly.

Fortunately I finally remembered the seed used to generate a decent world, and found a nice cave opening. The world didn't generate the way I remembered (version difference probably had something to do with that) but I found the cavern opening just the same. Later I'll make a fancy base and begin exploring the new world.

Today's link of the day is an interesting take on the horrors of a certain evil company.

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