Shipping and sickness
Posted on October 18th, 2012
Last night went fairly okay, as while I spent most of it turning over in a vain attempt to find a comfortable position I did manage to eventually fall asleep for long enough to dream.

Things went well at first. I didn't fell sick, and so we figured that was it and started going about things as normal.

In the early afternoon the package we'd sent my niece's back to school birthday things in arrived here with the word "Refused" stamped on it. Everything else got to them, so this left us rather confused. Turns out the package most likely got delivered to the wrong house. Complicating things, it also turned out that the package had been opened and the contents more or less ransacked. From the looks of how everything was opened or torn, I'd wager some very young kid (ie, too young for Kindergarten) got the mail, saw the present, got all excited and started playing with "their" new goodies before Mommy got involved and/or noticed the card and/or package was addressed to someone else.

The drawing pads, paper, pencils and such are still usable, but they aren't in any condition to be given as gifts. Thus we made yet another run to Rite Aid and picked up some fresh supplies to send to my niece.

As the afternoon continued, I touched up what I'd managed to complete for DBHL and uploaded it. I was planning on a larger update, but the other symbols either aren't checking out or don't seem to want to cooperate, so I decided to play what cards I had.

After all of that, my day was going fine until we started fixing dinner. Suddenly I was hit by a severe wave of nausea, and so I ended up skipping dinner again. Most of the rest of today was spent tired and feeling lousy. Dunno what the trigger was, but it hasn't been fun.

Anyway, the link of the day is a little pony music video.

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