Picture Perfect Pony
Posted on October 5th, 2012
This morning began with a trip around the local stores in an attempt to get both the bird seed we needed and the items we needed for my niece's birthday. We'd previously stocked up on some Pony stuff for her, but naturally she's not into My Little Pony anymore. The stuff that we were asked to get was kind of odd: drawing pads, colored pencils, tracing paper -- back to school birthday presents!

Oh well, we got them anyway. Our first stop was the bird store for two more weeks of seed, then the local Michael's to see about their drawing supplies. Unexpectedly, they didn't have what we were looking for. I guess that their stuff is for "serious" artists, not kids.

Anyway, our next stop after that was Toys R Us. This stop was more for me than finding stuff for my niece, but we found some of the gifts there. My main reason for popping in was there was news about the new Pony sets showing up in stores, so I wanted to get there before other Bronies went looking for them. I lucked out: they had all three sets!

We ended up making one last stop at Rite Aid on the way home. They had the last items we needed for sending my niece to school my niece's birthday present, and I also picked up some root beer and a can of chili. That chili was part of my lunch, and was largely responsible for the usually large amount of natural gas produced today.

Most of the rest of the day was spent going between Minecraft and The Notebook. After writing out a few pages, I needed to stop and think about how to best continue.

Minecraft-wise, I started a new game. After playing with cheats off for some time I developed a more interesting playstyle that's more fitting to Minecraft than my earlier endeavors, but the lack of cheats is just too limiting. There needs to be something like a mix of Creative and Survival modes where you have infinite resources but can also collect new ones. Mainly I'm just switching to Creative to build stuff and switching back to Survival to explore and play around. I don't mind dying (risking it is kinda fun) but I'd rather not wait to build something.

Today's link of the day is an older one, but it was on my mind a lot as one of the new sets featured the the star of the video.

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