Parsing tongues
Posted on September 20th, 2012
The plan for the day was to pick a handful of symbols for DBHL and write out a section of The Notebook's revision. This ended up not happening for two reasons.

Firstly, I'd misremembered what needed to be done to complete that section of the Notebook. I'd thought it would just be a simple touch up job, which wouldn't take long. Instead, it turned out to require writing a number of pages from scratch. Thus I only managed to get a little was in.

Secondly, part of my order from Germany arrived today. It was the Filly Unicorn figures -- ie, the entire 21 character set. This proved to have an unexpected twist: neither the pamphlet nor character cards were in English. They're all in German. Thus I spent part of the day entering their text into Google Translate and producing clean translations of everything. So far I've translated the entire pamphlet, which contained information about the families and world of the Filly Unicorns as well as a simple card game that can be played using the character cards.

Interestingly enough, one of the unicorns from the family that manages the world's dreams is named Luna. I translated her card out of curiosity and it seems that while she's a talented sorceress she once made a mistake that turned day into night. Sound familiar?

I'll translate the cards over the next few days. The print is very small and so it's not easy typing everything in. One thing I did notice about the cards is that each character has a unique profession, which is displayed under their name. It seems that the unicorns are the working class Fillys, as the Filly Princess line was strictly high nobility.

In other news I played Minecraft further, resulting in my quarry playing out (as I'd expected). I decided to explore the Nether a bit, but I'm hitting lag there for some reason. The other main thing I did was set up a large area for raising chickens; I covered the mine over and put the birds there. I'm going to be rethinking that idea later as an Enderman decided to start playing around with the dirt; he could have reopened the mine shafts and killed my chickens.

Today was also Talk Like A Pirate day. Thus the link for the day is a crazy pirate version of the My Little Pony song Becoming Popular.

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