Slaving away in the mine
Posted on September 16th, 2012
As I pretty much had expected, going to bed early meant getting up very early. Most of the very early morning was spent backing some things up; notably I backed up a bunch of things to SkyDrive via the SkyDrive folder. This ended up taking forever and tying up the internet to a degree where it was nearly unusable. I'm not even sure that the backups made it through without getting corrupted. Long story short, the website is faster.

The other main event of the day was that I finally broke down and purchased a copy of Minecraft. Yes, the resolution for the year was not to buy any more games, but ultimately I think the spirit of that resolution was broken enough times already to otherwise invalidate it. Seriously, I've acquired a lot of games this year; they were either free or bought with some method other than my allowance. So the point of not getting anything more had been buried some time back.

Anyway, I know a lot of people that are into Minecraft, and I may take this an opportunity to have fun with people. First things first though; one needs to know how to play the game before you can go running off.

Most of the afternoon and evening was spent playing Minecraft, with the occasional break to check in on Castleville. It turned out that a prize from the Fairy Games I particularly wanted is also given as a quest reward, so I'm just focusing on the quests at the moment rather than being concerned with much of anything in the game.

I ended up running out of steam hours ago, but Minecraft is a quiet enough game that one could probably play it for eons without noticing how tired they were getting, so I stuck it out to try and shift things back on a somewhat normal sleeping pattern for me.

Ultimately I think I needed an extra day of doing nothing. Quite a lot of the routine has changed and that's always a source of stress, even if it doesn't appear to bother anyone. Tomorrow will involve more Minecraft and some drawing I think.

In the meantime, please consider donating to the noob relief fund.

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