Weather or not
Posted on September 8th, 2012
Most of the day was spent fussing over one of two things; both of which are from DBHL. First off, I spent some time putting together the help page for the new version of Shapeplay. This had some troubles and I'm not entirely pleased with the results. I'll see if I can fix that tomorrow sometime.

The other major focus was Palette Helper. I attempted two different ways to produce code to translate the RGB colorspace into the HSV colorspace. In both cases I ended up with garbage, so it would probably be best to stick with the more common RGB format for the widget.

During the afternoon we ended up getting some amazing hailstorms. Lots of big balls of ice but little else. It still sounded like the house was going to crack open from the impacts.

Later during the evening I had a brilliant random idea. I've been wanting to do an Ask Pony Tumblr for some time (as people probably noticed from my ramblings on here about the ideas I've had). There are two main restrictions on this idea: first, it must be easy to draw so I can crank out new comics quickly and easily. Secondly, it mustn't take very much time out of my day to update. One of the biggest problems I've had with drawing ponies is getting their legs right. I thought I solved this with the 3D render idea: the character's legs don't bend, so the joint issues go away. This seemed like a good idea, but it hits a snag. New objects need to be modeled, and I'm too busy with other things to model regularly. Add to that skinning the models and actually rendering the scenes and you have a lot more work than just scribbling.

Hence why my new idea is brilliant. One type of pony doesn't have legs (and thus won't encounter the issues I've had drawing them). This type of pony also lives in an environment largely devoid of other things. Thus the background is just a colored void most of the time. So here we have the solution: an Ask SEA Pony Tumblr! I figure I'll rig up some models with Flash and go from there. This won't take long as all that needs drawn is the (largely static) character and maybe two backgrounds.

The link for the day is a strange little video about one of the little annoyances of life.

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