Recapping two days
Posted on September 3rd, 2012
Yesterday was quite the trip; by the time it was over we were exhausted and needed to close everything down and recuperate in our dark quiet rooms for awhile.

The day began alright, though shortly before lunch enough little things had built up to cause me to have an episode. Casualties this round were the tin of bag balm and my bar of soap; the former twisted beyond recognition and the latter marred up as if a dog had chewed on it. The tin had to be thrown away as it was mangled enough to pose more of a hazard than the contents were worth. Thanks to that breakdown I spent most of the afternoon in a subdued funk.

Things went rather scary about half an hour before dinner. I was browsing my Deviant Art messages when I suddenly developed a large blind spot in the center of my vision. For example, if I was Looking at the keyboard's H key, the G key was completely gone: neither the letter nor the edges of the key were visible.

Knowing that sudden blindness is a sign of an impending stroke I went an got mom. She couldn't see what was wrong, and after a number of simple range of vision tests both of us were pretty upset and worried. The good news was that blindness was restricted to my left eye. The bad news is that's both my good eye and dominant eye: my right eye's ability to focus is so bad it can't read the top row on the doctor's eye chart. Also, as time had progressed the blind spot had moved slightly. First it moved up and to the left, and when the time came to fix dinner the blind spot had become a crescent.

When time came for us to start fixing dinner I used the loo, and while washing my hands I looked up into the mirror once again to try and see if I could tell what the problem was. Through the distortion I noticed something odd about the left eye and with some effort managed to make the right eye focus enough to make it out. There was something hanging from my eyelashes. Once I removed it (by plucking the lashes it was tangled in) the blindness was cured. Apparently some shed lashes had become tangled in other lashes and were hanging in the way. All of that panic for something so simple made mom and I laugh until we teared up.

About an hour after dinner relatives from Pennsylvania arrived for a visit. As they hadn't eaten yet, we drove them to Subway. I tagged along, getting a cookie and pop for myself. I knew this was going to be a long visit, and since it would prevent me from getting my evening snack I figured something like that would keep my blood sugar in place for a while longer.

The visit was a long and noisy one. Since my cousin is an avid toy collector (her collection dwarfs mine by magnitudes) we spent most of the visit going through my closet and the many toys found within.

Somehow, the topic of the conversation turned to her recently departed cat, and this ended up with her, mom and myself in tears.

Aside from that moment, it was a fun (and draining) experience. After everyone left I took one of the toys I had taken from the closet and made a silly picture using it. I had Voltron brush Princess Celestia's mane.

That pretty much ended yesterday, as everyone was burnt out by that point.

Today was largely spent working on and finishing the little game I started Saturday while I watched He-Man: Masters of the Universe. I had a lot of trouble coding the game and quite a bit of trouble thinking in general throughout the day. Apparently one night's sleep is not enough to recuperate from spending 3 hours with my relatives.

What can I say? We're a group of introverts with extroverts for relations.

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