Spare day
Posted on July 28th, 2012
Somehow or other, I expected today to be Saturday; ie, the last day of working on stuff for the week. So I was kind of left with a little under one day's work and two days to do it in. This made for a rather slow day as I didn't really have to do anything remotely quickly to accomplish this week's goals on time.

Today's efforts were focused on finishing up the models for the comic and a few tests to ensure that everything was coming out the way it was supposed to. Most of that was done while watching Spiderman on Netflix. There are a handful of models to do yet; mostly stuff I wasn't expecting to get to this week and could really benefit from having finished early.

In other news, one of the Facebook games I've been playing is quickly earning itself some demerits. Earlier there was an update that rendered the game unable to load. Now that it loads, the friends list never appears, preventing you from visiting even the computer controlled characters. This prevents you from completing tasks and therefore prevents you from continuing in the game.

Adding insult to injury, a new feature was added that has me a little uncomfortable. The questline for this begins normally (slay x amount of y), but then it gives you some of the premium currency (ie, the in game money bought with real money) and requires you use it to progress. In other words, it's blatantly steering you towards spending money for something that's not even permanent in the game and that leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Even Nexon isn't quite that direct!

There's nothing stopping me from cloning this game and refashioning it the way I think it would be more fun. Simply put, if this persists I may just do that. For added insult, they GPL'd a version of their game, so I can REALLY rip 'em off if I feel like it. I won't be that blatant though; there's no fun in making a direct copy when you can improve upon it.

The other news of the day is that I skipped exercising because a rather large pustule appeared on my side and that requires some attention before I continue working out. I'm not entirely certain, but I think some of the exercises in the routine are the likely reason it developed: it's right at a spot were there's a fair amount of friction between skin and clothing. Hot compresses and bandages have been the main method of treating it, but should it stubbornly refuse to clear up in a timely manner we'll have the doctor look at it.

Lastly, the link for the day is a series of pictures detailing 18 little ways to make life easier.

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