Errata, errands and energon
Posted on June 27th, 2012
Most of the morning and afternoon was spent running a lengthy errand for a number of groceries we needed. Among the things I picked up was a spinach and goat cheese pizza for lunch.

What little was left of the afternoon was spent catching up on things, watching a little Beast Wars and poking at The Notebook. Ultimately I didn't get very much accomplished there.

During the early evening I picked up a number of Poser figures I've been thinking about getting. This proved interesting in an unwanted way. It turns out that one of the figure sets is only about 70% compatible with Poser. Naturally, this was the set I spent the most on. This set was made for DAZ Studio, and several features don't work in Poser. On the plus side, DAZ Studio 4 Pro is currently free, so I picked up and installed a copy. Most of the evening was thus spent configuring the install and re-acquainting myself with its controls. I prefer Poser for 3D stuff, but it looks like I'll have to get used to working with both.

Some of the day was spent playing games on Facebook, as one might imagine. I also did a little research while I was at it. In one of the games, there are premium levels that can only be unlocked with the game's premium currency. I did some digging and found it would take a grand total of $50 to unlock all of the premium content. That's a surprisingly low figure; I'd have expected it to cost much more than that. In any event I'd rather wait until I've used up the free content before putting money into that game. It's worth noting that you gain a small amount of the premium currency during normal play, but there is a finite limit to what you can gain in that manner. At the moment I'm swamped with quests; unlocking those levels now is just crazy.

In other news, I've been scribbling ponies at lunch for awhile now, either via the DS or actual pencil and paper. I'm still not happy with how their legs are turning out, and I've decided to take a break from attempting to fix that for a short time. In the meantime, I've been pondering what to draw next and largely coming up blank. I was thinking of asking folks about Pokemon, as I know a fair amount of them and could easily draw a bunch without getting bored. Instead I think I'll tackle the drawing challenge I started last May and ended up forgetting about once I had other things to do. I have 97 prompts to complete; this ought to be a good diversion from the constant attempts at Ponies.

Lastly, the link for the day is a video of a dog that's figured out something special, as a hidden camera exposed.

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