Stability issues and Ponies
Posted on June 21st, 2012
Turns out we were running low on bird seed, so right after lunch we ran out to the bird food store and picked up a few more bags. After that, we made a quick visit to Target to see about two things.

The first thing was mostly just to satisfy some curiosity. I could've sworn I saw Facebook gift cards someplace that we frequent, and it wasn't the grocery store or Rite Aid. Granted, I wasn't about to buy one (as I currently don't see the point with the games I'm playing), but it would be nice to know I wasn't imagining things either. As it turned out, Target does indeed carry them.

The other thing was simply another handful of Fillys while we were up that way. Once we got home I opened them up and made a discovery. One of the figures I got today was a mold I didn't recognize. Turns out, I did not in fact have all 21 characters; I had only 20 of them. I confirmed this a little bit later by re-arranging the shelf a bit (unceremoniously dumping the My Little Ponies elsewhere to make sorting the Fillys easier) and checking with the Filly family tree.

Most of the rest of my day was spent playing Facebook games or attempting to add entries to the queue for Emo.

I had a lot of trouble with writing Emo's updates, as my blood sugar tanked twice. Once during the early evening (right after dinner) and again around 11 PM. In the end I managed to enter two of the four planned entries, so it's a start. I'll try again tomorrow.

Part of the blood sugar problem today was that it was bloody hot out, and that saps your blood sugar very rapidly. The other problem was that my actual diet began today, and apparently the system isn't adjusting to the difference in calories very smoothly yet.

In other news I've moved to playing some of the Facebook games via Zynga's own service instead of going through Facebook. There are several advantages to this; for example one of the games lets you trade, request and share goodies and items with other people playing the game (not just your FB friends). This is a huge advantage in the game. Another big advantage is that you connect with people who are around strictly to play games. I've ended up with several zFriends already and thus have really shot ahead in some of the games I'm playing.

Tonight's link of the day is a hilarious story about an innocent town and their not very innocent discovery. An uncorrupted mind is a rarity these days; despite how embarrassing that must be, it's quite a testament to the town's purity.

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