The Proper way to Diet
Posted on June 20th, 2012
Today certainly was a busy one!

After a somewhat chaotic start, we ran the biweekly shopping errands. We ended up making an extra stop at the local Rite Aid as we wanted to buy a friend a special gift card, and neither of the stores we had previously visited had the type of card we were looking for.

Instead of getting something like Subway for lunch, I just had a typical lunch. The twist is that for dinner we had a pizza movie night! Yep, that's how we diet -- with a pizza, fried potato wedges and chips!

On the flip side, that will also probably be the last big splurge for a while.

The rest of my day was surprisingly busy considering that most of the day was spent doing the grocery shopping or watching a bunch of girls fighting each other with martial arts mixed with gun play (dad's turn to pick the movie obviously).

I completed the revamp of the main site, as you can see here. Hopefully it's more obvious what is found where.

I also cleaned up and prepared several images for Emo's storyline. The next batch for that will probably be entered into the queue tomorrow sometime.

The other major thing I did today was do some research on the charity that's involved with the religious entertainment I've been playing on Facebook. I had doubts before looking it up; after all, I'd never heard of it and that's usually not a good sign. The fact that focus on the freakin' family endorsed the game isn't helping either. On the plus side, it's not one of those buy your way into Heaven schemes, but it is heretical and cracked up. I'd advise against sending money their way.

I have yet to see anything in the game that jumps out as being warped theology; just the typical watered down religion found in religious entertainment aimed at kids. Frankly, if you weren't phased by a huge brick lighthouse crashing into a hillside near Bethlehem on December 25th or the little kids and robot that visited the manger where Jesus was sleeping (ya know, the religious entertainment I grew up with) then this game is probably not going to be that dangerous to your beliefs.

Screwball religious groups have been around for ages, and as today's link of the day shows, apparently so has Sylvester Stallone.

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