New Lawn Chair
Posted on June 11th, 2012
Today went rather differently than planned. One of the things that came to mind very late last night was that I wasn't really having much fun with the Spitfire or one of my Monks in Dungeon Fighter. So today I began creating new characters and spent the day leveling them up with different approaches. The new characters were a Priest and a Female Gunner. One to replace the Monk, the other would replace the Spitfire.

I played them both with emphasis on what they would become. I ended up taking the Gunner clear to her subclass today -- probably a personal first. She was destined to become a Launcher, one of Dungeon Fighter's heavy weapons experts.

These characters focus on power over everything else. Their attacks come slowly compared to the other Gunner subclasses, but the raw oomph per attack is much more powerful. Utilizing everything from a minigun to a flamethrower to tactical nukes, Launchers are lethal med to long range combatants. Launchers also tend to be pretty easy to play, hence the popular slang term "Lawn Chair" for the subclass.

The Priest will become an Exorcist, which is a unique class to say the least. Using both magic and melee combat, they can be deadly in combat. I reached level 9 with him; I decided to focus on the Gunner instead. However, it's worth noting that Exorcists brandish their weapon while Monks plant theirs and attack bare handed. The fighting style is markedly different.

To change the subject entirely, this week looks like it'll be a busy one. I plan on revamping another set of tutorials for DBHL, and I may go as far as to add several new symbols while I'm at it. I've also got a page for the rabbit hole in progress, so that will be finished up. Additionally, I'll be revamping the main site again as the feedback I've been getting shows it's not working as intended. On top of that, I have two ideas for additional Tumblrs, more work on the comic's backend and even some work on the Notebook to be about.

The link for the day is a nice Vocaloid song. I've been playing it in the car and mom remarked this evening that it's been stuck in her head since we last ran errands. So this evening I looked up a video of the song that has the translated lyrics as subtitles. Enjoy: The Pair Tree-Wither-er.

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