Haircut, hawks and handsome winnings
Posted on June 9th, 2012
This morning began earlier than I'd wanted, but it worked out anyway. I need to get up early as I had an appointment to get a shave and a haircut, so I wasn't going to get as much rest as usual anyway. Per usual these days, I went with getting shaved bald.

Lunch today was from Subway, to nobody's real surprise.

The rest of the day was spent fussing over Emo in one way or another. I've uploaded and queued a number of posts, so his story will continue easily. I also spent most of the remainder of the day playing Terraria in an attempt to get the game were the story needs to go.

I also worked on the models for the comic. All of the main cast models are now completed, though I may go back and tweak a few things. The next step is to ready their usual outfits, then things really pick up.

DFO wise I made a killing today. This morning I decided to test an idea. I gathered all of my unwanted drill points and cashed them in for a ton of healing items. I then put the huge cache of healing goodies up for sale. Just a little bit ago I logged on and discovered that they sold for a whopping two million gold. I'll have to try this more often. Unfortunately, I also discovered that I never did the daily training runs for today. I could've easily netted some real treasure if I'd thought to check earlier. Oh well; there's always another day.

On another note this evening gave us a rare show: one of the local hawks landed on the telephone pole in front of our house. Boy, did that ever piss off the crow population. Two of them harassed the hawk like crazy while I quickly snapped a lot of pictures with the camera.

There is really only one appropriate response to this story: clicky.

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