Day at the races
Posted on January 6th, 2008
As soon as I got up, I needed to go shlep the groceries in from the car. Mom had gone grocery shopping during the morning. This took only two trips; the second trip was less than half a load.

Mom picked up some of the deli BBQ chicken without me asking for it!

After lunch I messed around and got my game to work. The problem turned out to BBLean, not the high level of file fragmentation. Either way, that filesystem needed shorting out very badly, so it's still a good thing that I defragged it.

Since this was a fresh install, most of the tracks and vehicles were locked and had to be earned all over again. Instead, I used a cheat that gives you $999,999 instead of the starting $21,000 . You buy vehicles to unlock them, so this lets you buy several (but not all) of them. Naturally I bought the best ones.

This provides one heck of an advantage, but you can still lose if you're not careful with your steering.

The statistics after the race really makes this advantage obvious:
CarAverage MPH
Bot30 MPH
Bot32 MPH
Bot27 MPH
Bot31 MPH
Bot29 MPH
UGuardian70 MPH

And that was with the Humvee. Aside from coming equipped with armor and a roof mounted machine gun, it can easily get more air time than the General Lee.

Yippee-ki-yay mother f***er!

On another note, you can't shoot the gun. It's strictly ornamental. Do an image search for "humvee" if you want to see what it looks like.

Aside from playing that game, I did a few things here and there project wise. Mostly I just gathered all of the stuff for BrickVM and KupierHack in the same spot and reloaded the compiler theory ebook.

Two links for today:
Come to the dark side -- we have cookies!

Breaking News was interuppted by a different kind of "news breaking" event: some twit crashed into the side of the building during broadcast. He's OK, you can see him waving and gesturing at the camera.

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